Friday, July 14, 2006

Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair Loss:
Why Is This Happening?

Hair loss, in moderation, is something that happens to every person everyday. There are plenty of hairs to mask this hair loss. The hairs will continue to re-growand there is no sign of anything being wrong. Yet, for many individuals, this is not the case. The hair loss is a permanent feature and it does not grow back. This is when individuals begin to worry about their condition. What is wrong with me? Hair loss can be a symptom of another condition. It can be hereditary. Or, it can be something that just seems to happen for no reason. In all of these cases, the damage done is not just to the hair loss itself, but it is often the psychological damage that can be more harmful

Understanding what is happening is essentially the first obstacle to overcome. Baldness or alopecia as it is medically called is the condition in which hair becomes progressively thinner over time. Usually, this happens on the head, but can happen throughout the body. Men are most commonly affected, but female baldness does happen as well. In cases where not all of the hair falls out, this is generally called pattern baldness. In most cases, the more hair that is lost, the less successful hair treatments can be. Yet, there have been some that have helped individuals.

Usually, there are not physical problems with not having hair on the head. As long as it is not a symptom of a disease or hair loss treatment, hair loss does not have to be something that is going to cause a physical problem within the body. But, there are signs and symptoms of this causing emotional trauma to the individual. This can be things such as anxiety, stress and even leads to depression in some cases. Those that do not like what is happening to them may find themselves struggling with their new identity. This is worsened when the eyebrows as well as the eyelashes are lost.

When an individual begins to notice hair loss that is out of the ordinarily thick, or when he or she notices that their hair seems to be thinning, taking action can help to reduce or stop this from happening. Taking steps as soon as possible is necessary and should be done. There are several medical treatments as well as natural treatments that can help to treat hair loss. Often, there is no cure, but there can be help.
Hair Loss